Buffy original!

Hope y'all had a great Christmas!

I just had to show a present I got from my brother David and my friend Clara. A Buffy comic original from Dark Horse!

By a mystery artist I don't know the name of yet... still googling for him! It says it's page 20 from issue #9...

Well, I think it's gorgeous. And the artist must have some crazy super pens, look at those lines!


Old Ghost sneak peek

Writer: Mark Bertolini (Breakneck)
Creative Consultant: Rolf Lejdegård (Blue Moth)
And I'm doing the page art. It's been a very fun and different challenge so far. Working with considerably less ink than usual to leave more room for color. Here's a little sneak peek!

Edit: added white gutters.


Short film pics!

The film will be up on the net sometime in november!


Breakneck test page

Mark Bertolini's Breakneck needed a new artist, so I made this test page based on the script and sent it to him. My style didn't fit the project, but I was invited to another, which I'm very excited about. More about that when the comic has been announced.


Filminspelning i Uppsala - Vi söker en reservskådis!


Det nalkas filminspelning i Uppsala. Vi har all planering klar och alla roller redo, men det är osäkert om killen som spelar en av birollerna kommer hinna det datumet vi spelar in. Vi behöver en backup (man) som kan tänkas agera framför kameran under helgen 5e-6e november.

Filmen kommer visas på biograf under en mässa (det där lät lite luddigt) och alla skådespelare bjuds på mat och det finns sovplats om det behövs. Är du intresserad så hör av dig till olov.redmalm@hotmail.com för mer info, skicka också gärna en bild på dig som jag kan visa regi-ansvarig.

Om du skickar så snart som möjligt finns det större chans att du får rollen! Kortfilmen är en science fiction, det kommer bli kul!


24timmarsserien.blogspot.com and sketchdump

The illustrious Tom has launched a site for this year's Swedish 24h comics! So much goodness to read and it's free! Check it out! Most comics are in English so far.
Did you make a 24h comic of your own this year? Be sure to send it in PDF to: till_tom@hotmail.com

Here are some comic page pencils:


Fyrisbiografen fyller 100 år!

A poster that I made for the Fyris Cinema in Uppsala, which shows alternative and cult movies both new and old. The Cinema turns 100 this year and will celebrate by showing movies during 4 weekends. There will be special guests too, one of them Martin Hunter who edited several of Stanley Kubrick's movies, one of them Full Metal Jacket. If you spot something you like, I recommend putting it in your schedule, letting me know and I'll se you there! :)

By the way, that girl from Spirited Away is the first ever Manga I've drawn. Lord have mercy!


CIRCLES - a 24 hour comic

This is my contribution to the international 24h comics day. It sort of isn't the real deal as I din't take a random title - I came up with my own and based it on the sci-fi universe of my webcomic. I'd like to think i stayed spontaneous, though, and I didn't plan the dialogue or storyboard ahead. And I did finish in less than 24 hours! I hope you enjoy the story, I'm glad I finished it!

Also, while the story is independent, it can sort of be seen as a prologue to Wayfar. For people who haven't read my webcomic, the story should work on it's own. :)
Thanks for reading!