Writer and Artist: Olov Redmalm

Co-writer and Editor: Mirelle Eriksson

Wayfar - Chapter 1: Serious Days

I began working on the first chapter of Wayfar in July, 2010. Wayfar began as a practice project, where I could be spontaneous, experiment and not worry about changing styles or techniques. After a couple of pages, Mirelle joined the project and it has been growing larger and more ambitious ever since.

Wayfar - Chapter 2: Into the Woods

Work on the second chapter of Wayfar started in September, 2011. This one took twice as long as the first to finish. With a new approach to the artwork and storytelling, there was always plenty to discuss, art that needed redoing and dialogue that could be punched up a little. As an artist, I've never struggled or learned as much as I have making this chapter.

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