Derailed steampunk train

Cover art illustration for the band Struts and their upcoming album Aimless Crusade.

Erik Lundkvist, Jakob Lundkvist and I sketched the thing together and then I put some ink on it.


Old Ghost on ComiXology!

Old Ghost, a supernatural spy thriller written by Mark Bertolini and illustrated by me, is now available on Comixology for only $0.99! Click here and check it out!

"Absolon Danard is an immortal troubleshooter in the employ of several nameless agencies across the world. He is quietly retired, living a simple life on a chicken farm when he gets called back into the game because his archenemy, the supernatural assassin called Taran Tu, has re-appeared, and is looking to ignite a global war by resurrecting the monstrous King of the Faeries and crushing mankind under his heel. Danard enters into a high stakes game of cat and mouse with the knowledge that if he fails... humanity will fall."


Wayfar - Chapter 3: Home Sweet Plan

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Cover art by Mirelle Eriksson
Illustration by Olov Redmalm

Inspirational music by Animal Collective