Old Ghost - Comic Book signing with Olov Redmalm and Rolf Lejdegård!

Old Ghost is the story about an immortal troubleshooter brought out of retirement for one last mission.

Saturday, November 30, is the release date of the first issue, at Seriezonen in Uppsala, Sweden. Stop by between 12:00 to 15:00 and get your copy signed by me and Rolf Lejdegård!

The series is written by Mark Bertolini and soon to be published by 215 Ink!

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Some drawings!

Doodle for my dad. We both dig Gustav Mahler and Neil Young!

Bonsai Wolf - for my brother's thesis: An Animal Without an Animal Within.

Security guards try to catch a thief! Comic work in progress.

"Never forget who you are. A cyborg who fires lazers out of his eyes." - Portrait of a friend for a friend.