Bad space cowboy

We’ve been making a portfolio piece at the Game Assembly for two weeks, half time! I made a villainous space cowboy! We got to choose a reference game in which the model could work techincally and style-wise. I chose Star Wars: The Old Republic! 6100 tris.


"I never talk to strangers"

Finished painting a comic project last night! "I never talk to strangers" is a Vampire story written by Mark Romasky. It's a part of an upcoming anthology of comics based on songs by Tom Waits. There should be more news about the book in December/January! :)


Pixelbeast games!

I'm now part of Pixelbeast! A team of 10 from The Game Assembly, obliged to make four games, ten weeks of half-time each for a year now. Join us on our journey from sketch to full fledged game with bombs, grenades and beasts GALORE!

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Dieselpunk space shooter

Concept art for a space shooter game that I'm working on with my group at the Game Assembly. We're inspired by dieselpunk for this one! A lot of Nausicaä on our moodboard.


Viking painting

Painted a Viking, now sculpting the little fella in Zbrush!


Gameplay trailers! "Hunk of Junk" and "The Dweller"

Trailers for some games that I've made art and voice acting for, from my time so far at The Game Assembly. It's been a great challenge and a lot of fun!

"In the point 'n click adventure, Hunk of Junk, the Captain of The Princess is forced to crash-land on a foreign junk planet together with her trusty mechanic, F1x. As F1x works on repairing the ship, the Captain boldly goes to find parts for a new Power Core, encountering a bunch of interesting characters along the way."

With music by David Redmalm!

"In the top-down hack’n’slash adventure, “The Dweller”, a Wizard and his talking blade venture down an eerie dungeon, searching for the truth behind the Wizards vision that led them both there. Use your magic to take down creepy foes from a distance, satisfy your sentient blades hunger by hacking through hoards of crunchy worms and dash and shield yourself from the hideous clutches of an ancient evil known only as the Dweller."

With music by Simon Kölle!


Imperial Entanglement

Concept art for a new turn based strategy game project at the Game Assembly!


Free Comic Book Day 2015! Red Laser Day

It's free comic book day! Here's a short Cyberpunk detective story that I made in 2014, set in a futuristic Sweden.


The Skillful Huntsman

My go at "the Skillful Huntsman" exercise. Corporal Neil Oyster and Marlon Grando, the Giant!


Hunk of Junk - free point 'n click adventure!

"Shindig Labs presents Hunk of Junk, a point 'n click adventure! The Captain of the "Princess" is forced to crash-land on an alien junk planet along with her trusty mechanic, F1x. While F1x works on repairing the ship the Captain boldly goes to explore the planet and meets a bunch of interesting characters along the way."

The graphics team consisted mostly of comic artists and we were inspired by the media when working with narrative and characters, with animated comic cinematics by Mattias Thorelli. I worked with voice acting, story and graphics.

Download the game here, extract the folder and start HunkOfJunk.exe! Works on PC :)


Buffy Callout

School assignment! Our teacher pointed out a detail in our concepts that he wanted us to make a study of. Good fun!


Buffy turning point

School assignment - sum up a turning point in a tv series, movie or book in one painting. I chose Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


Kaal "On-the-roof" Sun

Had a fun school assignment where we had to draw concept art of any character from Astrid Lindgren’s universe, ready for 3D modelling. I made a mix of Karlsson On-the-roof and Boba Fett.