Wayfar page 36

Some sketches and progress shots:

I went ahead of myself and inked his right hand while it was still looking strangely swollen... fixed it with some white posca.
The angle of the poster was also boring, so I placed the camera so to speak by the candle seen on page 30, to give some more depth to a flat image.

The pencil case was a birthday gift craftet by Emelie!



The CD/booklet comission is nearly finished. It's been challenging and fun to do something completely different. I've always shyed away from drawing instruments and I rarely color stuff (What??? No..!)... It's good to force yourself! I've learned that if there's something you really don't like to draw, draw a humongous pile of it! A pile of horses, hands, lawyers... could be anything! I'll post the colored stuff here some time after the CD release to avoid spoiling anything to the people who are buying it.

This drawing was made with pen nib and brush.

A new comic page should be up next week. Until then this project is taking up most of my creative juices.