Incan Vampire Slayer

I'm a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love how she keeps the streets safe from the creatures of darkness. Without her we would all be eaten or worse for sure. Thanks Buffy!

So I guess this is fan art. Had to take a break from the uncreative fine tuning of Wayfar pages. Only 3 left now until print though!

Made with ink pens and markers in 2 hours.

I'd like to recommend three of my favorite artists that have recently appeared on facebook. Check out their webpages and like them on facebook for more!

Kalle Landegren: page and facebook

Efraim Ramsén: page and facebook

Elena Serrander: page and facebook


Painting by Linus

Linus Remahl found a home for my sketch. Greased him up and gave him some sweet colors!


Thanks Linus - you're the shit!


Wayfar chapter 2 "teaser"

After hours of polishing old pages I had to draw something new to clear my head. I thought I'd get cracking with chapter 2! It will be another while though before new pages appear.

Thumbnail sketch

A failed attempt. He looks sort of happy... There will be no smiling on this site. And no color except orange, what so ever.



Another update of comics! Hopeless is the second part of Restless, though it's an independet story that can be read with or without its prequel. The comic was printed in Comic Royale #5. Again there's no English yet, I'll make sure to update this post once the comic has been translated.
The third and last part goes by the working title *drumroll* Lifeless. Who da thunk it!