Zombie Carnival!

I was at Kulturernas Karneval this weekend with Kalle Landegren and Mirelle Eriksson, selling comics and making Zombie portraits à la the Walking Dead in Swedish! Here are some:

( Not a Zombie portrait)

Made with ink and coffee

My studio buddy Kalle Landegren

Ended the day with an art trade with Mauricio Mier!


Stockholm International Comics Festival

The Stockholm International Comics Festival is this weekend. I'll be there sharing a table with Mirelle Eriksson and Rolf Lejdegård. Actually, sharing a bunch of tables with Karl Landegren, Tom Waldton, Carl Krantz, Rickard Fornstedt, Efraim Ramsén and Elena Serrander too! Here's a list of what I'll be bringing to our table, at a reasonable price of course. I'm not sure what the price will be... but I'm sure it'll be something highly reasonable! Plus, the last comic in the list - Red Laser Day - is free and up for grabs!:

Wayfar - Chapter 1: Serious Days
Sponsored by the Cultural Committee of Uppsala

In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a really big wall, rests Hometown. Here, the metal faced Teks rule and constantly remind the people of their place in the world – in town and without question. Their message is simple: Be efficient, productive and avoid wasting time and mind on trivialities.
Under the two suns, in an out-of-the-way part of town, two friends are content making art.

Wayfar - Chapter 2: Into the Woods
Sponsored by the Cultural Committee of Uppsala

In the middle of nowhere Hometown remains, waiting quietly. Years have passed since the resistance lost its leader to the Teks, but the struggle is far from over.
In a twisted grove, along Fairview Alley and down the murky sewers, plans are brewing. But where do they lead?

Publisher: 215 Ink

Old Ghost is the story about the immortal troubleshooter, Absolon Danard, who is brought out of retirement for one last mission.

Sponsored by Uppsala Comix

In the future, the old Uppsala continues its existance in the shadows of intimidating scyscrapers and garish advertisements. In the dark undergrowth of the city, where replicants come to disappear, where bad science is practiced, and where strange meetings occur, detectives in timeless trench coats roam the streets, perpetually pursuing far-fetched clues.

Also, be on the lookout for 2054, a comic anthology. I participated with the comic Red Laser Day, in Swedish this time, and made the cover art:


The Sith Lords and Jedi Knights - no. 4: Darth Sidious

Sidious: "The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural."

Anakin: "Is it possible to learn this power?"

Sidious: "Not from a Jedi."

From Wookieepedia.

Previous Sith Lords and Jedi Knights:

Kreia the Gray
Anakin Skywalker
Darth Nihilus

"Palpatine's Teachings" by John Williams:

A little late May the Fourth be with you!