Fyrisbiografen fyller 100 år!

A poster that I made for the Fyris Cinema in Uppsala, which shows alternative and cult movies both new and old. The Cinema turns 100 this year and will celebrate by showing movies during 4 weekends. There will be special guests too, one of them Martin Hunter who edited several of Stanley Kubrick's movies, one of them Full Metal Jacket. If you spot something you like, I recommend putting it in your schedule, letting me know and I'll se you there! :)

By the way, that girl from Spirited Away is the first ever Manga I've drawn. Lord have mercy!


  1. Haha! Älskar den! Starkt jobbat Olov. Speciellt hamstern, är hur fin som helst. :)

  2. Tack Emelie! :) hehe den är så konstig! En av de bästa Miyazaki-varelserna ^^