We finished our game Cold Feet last night at The Game Assembly's game jam! Our 24 hour speed adventure game, which is to run from the altar on your wedding day. Inspired by Robot Unicorn Attack. The theme of the game jam was "Humongous trap".
Download the game here!

Level Design: Jenny Kupka Wennberg
Programming: Dennis Majvall and Jens Graul
Art: Olov Redmalm

We cannot guarantee that the game is finishable.


Justin Sweet paraphrase

School assignment at the Game Assembly! Make a self portrait in the style of an artwork that you like. I chose Justin Sweet, one of my favorites.

Self portrait

Artwork by Justin Sweet

 More by Justin Sweet

I used some old L.A.R.P. pics as reference and tried to mix my outfit with the above images.

 Oh, memories!


The Force Awakens

"That place... is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go."

"What's in there?"

"Only what you take with you."

Inspirational soundtrack - "The Sith Lords theme", by Mark Griskey

Previous Sith Lords and Jedi Knights:

Kreia the Gray
Anakin Skywalker
Darth Nihilus
Darth Sidious


Professor Frans Stenberg och det Stulna Gudahuvudet

Uppsaliensisk pulp fiction som Mohamed Omar skriver och jag illustrerar! Köp genom att betala 30 små kronor + 14 kr porto till plusgirokonto 548413-4. Ange namn och adress. Här är några recensioner:






Game art assignment - character and environment thumbnails!

In September, I started studying Game Art at the Game Assembly in Malmö. Still making comics though and I trust both media will gain from eachother!

This week we've been working with thumbnails, how to produce a large variation of them in a short time and choosing the ones with the most potential (or least, to challenge ourselves) to render into finished characters. Then doing the same for the environment, and placing the finished characters in it! It's been alot of fun and I'm going to continue with this workflow when coming up with characters for comics aswell.

If you want to give it a go, I recommend checking out this short video! It gave me a lot of useful tips that helped me get started.

Main character thumbails

Choosing five that I like and rendering them in five different versions...

Main character pet/companion thumbails

Further rendering the main character with his goose pet companion. Lord-knight Commander Calvert and Duck, the goose!

Moving on to environment thumbnails!

These were the most promising, I think.

Rural environment, the knight's childhood goose farm...

And then the urban environment, home of the aliens that destroyed the goose farm... Well, Calvert and Duck are going to destroy them right back!

And finish with a game/movie poster!


(Page 7) Wayfar - Chapter 3: Home Sweet Plan

"Chief Jr.": Gene Vincent Heidling
"Olovskjipol Redmalmatov": Olov Redmalm
"Fernando": Emil Biltmark
"Olek": Alek Kalabakov
"Sven II": Efraim Ramsén
"Kampfrau": Emelie Sandström
"Big Mü": Anna Werle
"Jarimm the Foervraenger": Mirjam Löfgren
"Slander": Dennis Lundberg
"Jake the Snake": Jakob Lundkvist
"Cale Shadowhat": Calle Krantz
"Nikolaj": Jonathan Blund

Other characters lurking out of view:
"Lordslayer": Fredrik Svensson
"Gust": Gustav Eriksson
"Lieutenant Krea": Mirelle Eriksson
"Anne Boil Lynch": Anna Landin
"Grinn the Gamer": Kalle Landegren
"Hannuman": Erik Lundkvist
"Billy Patchwork": Elena Serrander

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Vampire comic

Illustrating a twelve page Vampire comic short written by Mark Romasky. More about where it will appear soon.


(Page 6) Wayfar - Chapter 3: Home Sweet Plan

"Jake the Snake": Jakob Lundkvist
"Cale Shadowhat": Calle Krantz
"Anne Boil Lynch": Anna Landin
"Grinn the Gamer": Kalle Landegren
"Hannuman": Erik Lundkvist
"Nikolaj": Jonathan Blund
"Billy Patchwork": Elena Serrander
"Chief Jr.": - Gene Vincent Heidling

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Derailed steampunk train

Cover art illustration for the band Struts and their upcoming album Aimless Crusade.

Erik Lundkvist, Jakob Lundkvist and I sketched the thing together and then I put some ink on it.