the crew aboard "Fatima's Gift"

Did some character sketches during a pen and paper roleplaying session of Coriolis. All who participated are artists, so go on and check out their sites! From left to right: Myself, Carl (our fantastic storyteller and game master), Efraim, Erik, Elena and Mirelle.


  1. I like your sketch - you seem to have cool PC. I'm just curious (since I play Coriolis too) what "kind" are the charachters? Orumcek - a robot? Or mask?

  2. Cool! Thanks!
    Koom's the grumpy old Captain, Jamil's the swindler and Sensor Operator (and self proclaimed bank account manager), Herkules is our cyborg warrior/public relations guy, Habibi is Vega's pet monkey, Vega is the pilot (her flying skills as sharp as her tongue), and Orumcek is actually a mystery to all of us except for our dungeon master, Carl and the player herself of course. I think he or she is wearing a mask. He or she is very religious and a little too good with a sniper rifle.