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Back from SPX... I don't know what to say except it was awesome and FUN! Met a lot of nice and interesting people and bought more books and fanzines than I could carry.

As usual, fanzine awards were announced at the end of the fair. Sekventiellt.se posted a nice summary of the awards.

7 Oktober, an anthology of 12 artists, including myself, won the Audience's award. Check out the proud fathers of the book: Calle and Martin!

My favourite among the prize winners was Tom (check him out too!!) with Hela Armen, I love his style and I'm so happy for him!

Now to bury myself in a pile of comics. Looking forward to the next issue of Utopi. Most impressive and best looking "newcomer" on the fair!


  1. Fan vilket jävlar anamma du har i din tuschning, ändå är den här väldigt konsekvent och kontrollerad - tydligt men ändå inte tråkigt!
    Är du en pensel- eller pennamänniska, Olof? :)

  2. Tack så mycket Erik! Jag använder främst pennor och markers till den här serien, men till kortare serier använder jag oftast pensel och stålstift. :)