Wayfar page 36

Some sketches and progress shots:

I went ahead of myself and inked his right hand while it was still looking strangely swollen... fixed it with some white posca.
The angle of the poster was also boring, so I placed the camera so to speak by the candle seen on page 30, to give some more depth to a flat image.

The pencil case was a birthday gift craftet by Emelie!


  1. Mm-mm, that is good for you! Det är så dekadent att dränka sina misstag i vit posca... ;P

  2. Shit, Olof, det här tar andan ur mig! SÅHÄR ska serier se ut!
    Du bemästrar ju till kalasnivå just den gritty & gruesome skuggningen som jag själv försöker få grepp om, riktigt inspirerande!